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The Last Hope Atomic Bomb(PC)

The ongoing struggle between mobsters, terrorists and President John Trump has now shifted its focus towards cryptocurrency. 
Trumbcoin, Atomocoin and Bollarcoin are just a few of the remaining forms of cryptic payment.

North Korean terrorists have shown their true colors and finally detonated nuclear warheads across Earth’s surface. Radioactive dust clouds, nuclear fallout and ensuing darkness shall engulf the entire planet. You must immediately take action and history has proved once again that you’re humanity last and best hope for survival.

Your mission, while not as easy as it may appear, is to locate the cryptocurrency farm and put an end to this senseless war once and for all!
- You shall have to find the locations of the following cryptocurrencies: Trumbcoin, Atomocoin, Bollarcoin.
- Because of the fallout, visibility shall be reduced drastically.
- Germany, United Arab Emirates, China, Korea shall await your heroic arrival.

Key features:
- awesome sounds effects
- a unique graphics style
- continuation of the "The Last Hope" series
- you are the president

Think you got what it takes to overcome this challenge after the initial two? In case you need to jog your memory for a bit, you can find the long awaited sequel to "The Last Hope" further above in the description.

We were invited to share our experience and to show our games to differents game conferences. Click on them to get more info about our presence there.


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