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Europe Bus Driver (PC)


Welcome in this simulation game of Europe Bus Driver


Well, everything is much simpler if you really love the work you do. We are proud of you for opening your own international bus driver company.

Europe Bus Driver presents a passenger transport simulator through the largest European capitals. With your help, you will expand your company, participating yourself in some bus rides, such as Madrid-Berlin. If you are in the luxury range, you should therefore expect that you will have fewer customers, but the tickets will also cost more.

However, time will be time, cleanliness will be cleanliness and safety at the highest level. With these 3 qualities, you have little chance of not being successful in what you do. It's important to believe in yourself. The next Berlin-Rome bus ride will be in 30 minutes. Are you ready to go?

Game Features :
- 5 luxury buses
- Routes connecting between multiple european capitals like (Madrid,Rome,Vienna,Berlin, London)
- Time limit for each ride

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