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Corrupt - Political Simulator (PC)


Have you ever wanted to be the boss or even the president of your country?

Corrupt - Political Simulator is the solution!

Your dream will become reality in this political strategy & simulation game that will introduce you in the world of a corrupt oligarch.

Every action has its consequences. Too many frauds in a row make population angry, in this case a single mistake can lead you in prison. This is why try to maintain your influence and security by corrupting the police because protests and strikes can show up any time. 

Game Features:

-Steal companies and take control of banks

- Take control of legislative buildings, companies, banks and real estate

-Corrupt ministers, deputies, citizens, police, anything you want!

-Create off-shore bank accounts

-Brainwash citizens

-Deal with protests and strikes

-Level achievement

-Possibility to buy more sectors in your city

... much more!

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