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MechDefender - Tower Defense

A unique hybrid between a top-down shooter and a tower defense, MechDefender allows players to pilot the titular Mechs in a heroic defense of their homeland from endless zombie hordes. Wiping out the alien undead will require clever tactics and powerful weaponry. You will build, upgrade and advance your skills and your base of operations as you fight in this Sci-Fi uphill battle!

Defend your headquarters, wipe out the hordes of undead, upgrade your towers and protect their power cores.
There are 4 unique campaigns with more than 50 missions overall, along with several types of towers and upgradable robots.

Choose between different type of Mechs such as: Thunder, Fury, Revenant and Punisher. Build deathtrap labyrinths, upgrade your skills to a deadly degree and buy new weapons of mass destruction to save your base from certain annihilation!

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