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Space Hero Line(PC,iOS,Android, Windows)

Publisher of the game

The time has come for the brave to rise up. One of the most dynamic game, seriously pinch your nerves now wanting to see the opportunity to personally enjoy.

Space Hero Line is made in a minimalist style, but it is guaranteed to give you plenty of impressions and emotions.

Under the direction of the player is a horizontal line. The task - to prevent its collision with flying objects during a certain period of time. This is done using tap's and swipe.

Mars, Saturn, meteors, unusual cosmic bodies - all this is not friendly to our line. With each new level there are new objects that are turned on wonderful paths, suddenly change speed and break into small pieces. In general, they do everything that you could not hold!

Activate your shield to get temporary invulnerability. It can make for the successful passage of the levels.

Key features of Space Hero Line:
• Unique dynamic gameplay
• 20 unique levels
• Pleasant animation


We were invited to share our experience and to show our games to differents game conferences. Click on them to get more info about our presence there.

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